Meet Apply World Group

Your Career Partner

We believe that Apply World can drive innovation in Education, Traineeship & Recruitment to upskill the Australian workforce and provide opportunities for our industry partners to establish a sustainable team.

Your Life Partner

We transform many lives by providing once-in-a-lifetime career opportunities that enhance their living conditions, including their families.


We transform lives.

We make an impact on the Australian workforce.

An Industry Partner

We offer Migration services that help fill the gaps in the Australian workforce. 

Why choose us?

Find where you belong
Bring out the best in you
Guide you all the way with a high visa rate

Why partner with us?

Apply World Group supports our industry partners by empowering them to develop highly skilled individuals in their company workforce. 

We deliver the best employment solutions and customised skills gap training to Australian employers, addressing their specific needs. 

Apply World Group has many Ways.

We have connections and years of experience in the industry as we guide you to kickstart a new life in Australia.

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